Chapter Fifty One

Outside of Denison, Texas, 11:40 a.m.


Alexis swayed in her seat to the hypnotic rhythm of the railway. The gaps in the iron below made deep thinking a struggle and sleep was outright impossible. She pondered sending the rail line’s offices a strongly worded letter about the bumpy nature of the tracks in that section of the ride, but her mind drifted on to the end of her tracks. Houston.

At least she had a destination. When she set out after the poor child, Emma, and her two mystery men, she did not have much to go on. Fortune smiled on her, for Estelle finally came to her senses and went to Alexis’ father for help. She also was lucky to meet the charming man, Donnie O’Banyon, whose bright smile and warm green eyes lingered in her thoughts.

She had always been a solo operator, but there was a tug of regret at not taking him up on his offer to join her on this case. She never longed for another’s company, though she often missed her family, but this man stuck in her mind and it was a brand new sensation.

Theo Colson was off on the wrong tracks, but at least Alexis knew Emma was safe from him for the time being. But there was a greater danger in the madman Kemper Bidwell. She had received word from her father a man was murdered at the foundry where Emma and the others had hidden. Despite Romeo Beck being accused, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind Kemper Bidwell had done it. At least the poor Beck fellow and his daughter were safe under Alexis’ father’s protection.

Kemper surely had moved on though, for his rage looked to match Theodore Colson’s—if not eclipse it. Alexis had to help Emma, but her new mission included warning the men, Hercules and Silas, that a murderer was hot on their trail. She feared Emma may be in more danger than ever just by being with the men who swore to protect her.

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