The Story

In the spring of 1880, young Emma Colson must flee her home in St. Louis, Missouri. Her father has died and to stay there with her abusive uncle, Theodore, certainly means death.

Her only hope of sanctuary lies hundreds of miles off in Skull Valley, Arizona with a grandfather she has never met.

To escape Theodore’s torture, she enlists the aid of two well-travelled men, Silas and Hercules, Civil War veterans who are no strangers to life on the road. Her two guides battle wits nonstop, but still find themselves acting as one when needed.

Even though the Wild West is settling down, it is still a dangerous world. Old foes and new allies also emerge on their trail, all trying to serve their own forms of justice. Some will get what they want and some will get what they deserve.

About this project:

Howdy. My name is Patrick Nelson.

I am a chef by trade and here in my fifty-first year I have a novel I wish to share with you. The Weight They Carry is a sweeping journey through a changing America and the sunset years of the old west. In the spirit of the authors I loved as a younger man, Twain, Grey, L’Amour and McMurtry I have told a big damn story. All told, it comes out to five books. I hope you find it is a damn good story.

I am giving away book one, A River of Trouble, for FREE HERE. If you like the introduction to this saga, you will be able to find the rest of the story on Amazon soon. What could be better than that?

The vision is to release book one in serial format. One hunk of story every week. Think Penny Dreadfuls or Dime Novels, or even in the spirit of Charles Dickens, who made his career out of breaking his novels up in installments.

Another feature I am bringing is the option to download a PDF of those sections, for reading while offline. Also, if you are like me and enjoy being told the story, I will add links to download podcasts of me reading the book to you.

Basically there is no reason for you to not give this crazy, wild story a try.

Saddle up, y’all. It’s gonna be one hell of a ride.

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